Tillery Valley is the UK market leader in healthcare catering. We deliver high quality, nutritionally balanced meals to over 120 hospitals and healthcare groups across the UK.

Tillery Valley is an NHS approved supplier with almost 30 years' experience of designing menus and delivering bespoke solutions for the specific needs of healthcare providers.

We tailor our services to meet the requirements of our clients and work in partnership to address the difficult challenge of balancing nutritional standards, dietary requirements and cost. We offer frozen, chilled and steam fresh plated food offering choice, convenience and flexibility to catering departments.

We make a very clear set of commitments to our NHS clients. We will:

  • supply tempting, tasty meals, based on quality ingredients to support the physical well-being and recovery of patients
  • provide complete assurance of the integrity of our food production and delivery processes
  • produce clear, informed and accurate nutritional information to underpin the quality of our meals
  • make available a wide range of food service options to meet individual needs of each patient group ensure that delivery of meals for the patient catering service is efficient and trouble free - a service that client management and staff can rely on
  • work in a spirit of co-operation ensuring that we continually explore initiatives in conjunction with our clients to improve the patient meal experience

Care Home Catering

At Tillery Valley, our motto is "making the most of meal times". For those in care, regular meals can be the highlight of the day and can provide a clear structure to the lives of those who are vulnerable both physically and mentally.

The personalised catering service we offer includes expert nutritional advice and consistently high quality meals, giving relatives and loved ones of those in care one less thing to worry about.

We know that for meal times to truly be a highlight, food must look and smell appetising and portion sizes must be adequate. For these reasons all our care home food is prepared to National Association of Care Catering (NACC) standards.

For further information, have a look at our recent Care Home Catering Brochure.