Our Range of Products

We provide cook chill and cook freeze prepared meals for the healthcare, education and local authority sectors covering the complete menu requirement in hospitals, care homes and home services in addition to providing high-quality catering solutions.

Chilled meals
We offer an extensive menu of freshly prepared chilled meals covering all dietary requirements in a variety of pack sizes to help eliminate waste. All our meals come with nutritional analysis. We have developed standard recipes and strict portion control to achieve consistent quality and forecastable costs.

Frozen meals
If you are considering frozen meals why not take a look the www.thenewiceage.com website for an independent view on frozen food from the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF). We offer three ranges of frozen meals: our Ready Range, Simply Serve Range and Vive! Range.

Ready Range
Our frozen Ready Range offers considerable flexibility. The range is immediately available from stock allowing clients to use the range on its own or to complement our chilled meal range. It offers long shelf life, reduces cooking time on site and is quick and easy to prepare, giving clients the opportunity to reduce capital and labour costs. 
View our Ready Range Brochure

Simply Serve
Simply Serve offers a comprehensive range of frozen individual meals designed to give clients the maximum choice in preparing their daily menus. Through Simply Serve we cater for a range of tastes and food preferences from around the world.

This latest high quality range of steam pressure cooked meals from Tillery Valley delivers a wide range of flexible, healthy and nutritious food direct to the patients' bedside.

Vive! was developed specifically to help NHS Trusts try to resolve the issues of patient malnutrition, nutritional content of meals and relatively poor acceptance of hospital food.

The steam pressure technology ensures their optimum freshness at the very point of food service. The speed of the system ensures the minimum amount of time between the patient ordering their meal and it being served. The use of a Flexi-style menu and guaranteed availability means that patients preferred choices are always available.

In the first site to adopt the new meals service, patient satisfaction scores have rocketed by 20%.