Getting the balance right: healthy food that people really want to eat

We offer over 1000 chilled, frozen and steam fresh meals and desserts. We source fresh, high quality ingredients from specially chosen local suppliers and freeze meals at the peak of their freshness, locking in nutrients. Our freezing processes also mean we can offer seasonal produce all year round, keeping menus tasty and varied.

Our varied and exciting menus include fresh vegetables and potatoes, wholesome soups, home-style fruit crumbles and pies, real custards and gravies made from the meat juices.

All our meals are designed by our expert dietitians. We offer specialist diabetic, dysphagic, vegetarian, ethnic and gluten-free ranges, delivering the same levels of taste and quality to patients with complex health needs.

Standard recipes are followed in order to maintain consistent quality and nutritional content and there are regular tasting sessions to ensure our quality standards never slip.