Nutritional Delivery

The health and wellbeing of patients and people in the care of our clients is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring that our food service offers reflect the latest advice and best practice in nutritional care and public health matters.

Our dietitian works closely with our technical team to ensure the nutritional content of our products reflects best practice as specified by the British Dietetic Association, Hospital Caterers Association and Diabetes UK.

Responding to Government guidelines:

The 'Eatwell Plate'
We provide full nutritional information to help our clients plan balanced menus. Our range is diverse enough to enable our clients to design menus that reflect the Department of Health's 'Eatwell Plate' model.

5 a day
Our fruits and vegetables are cooked without added salt or sugar and our recommended portion sizes are above those recommended by the Department of Health.

Salt, saturated fat, sugar and energy
Our work as Food Standards Agency Stakeholders for salt and saturated fat, sugar and energy gives our clients the confidence of knowing we are working continually to explore new ways to provide meals that support the public health agenda, as set out in the government white paper Choosing Health.

Support for Age UK
Age UK is a force that combines the power of "Age Concern" and "Help the Aged". Four years on from the publication of Hungry to be Heard, which highlighted the prevalence of malnutrition in hospitals, they have released a second campaign - Still Hungry to be Heard.

Age UK are calling for all hospital wards to implement their seven step plan to combat malnutrition in hospitals:
  1. Listening to patients
  2. Ward staff to become more food aware
  3. Hospital staff to follow own professional guidance e.g., RCN Nutrition Now campaign
  4. Nutritional assessment on admission to be universally consistent and regular during stay
  5. Employ "Protected meal times"
  6. Use "Red Trays"
  7. Appropriate use of trained volunteers

Our Sales and Marketing Director says "Tillery Valley endorses the approach by Age UK and we have committed to help spread the word in support of their campaign through a variety of initiatives. Providing this website link is one of them" Age UK