On site…

We operate an ISO 140001 certified Environmental Management programme, which outlines challenging environmental improvement targets.

We have invested £4.5 million re-designing our production facility. Superior insulation properties and fire retardant features have been installed, and condensation from steam, our main power source, is now recycled back into the system.

99% of our packaging materials are recyclable. All our cardboard tertiary packaging is made from 80% recycled materials.

We have installed water regulation systems which reduce water usage, and we partially clean the water that enters the drainage system.

Since 2009, we have donated all surplus, ‘fit for consumption’ food to FareShare, the national food redistribution charity.

In 2012, Tillery Valley supported FareShare with 8.23 tonnes of food consisting of 15,890 foils (40,180 portions)!


On the road…

When returning from delivery trips, our drivers collect goods from suppliers' premises to reduce food miles and disruption to infrastructure.

Our vehicles are all Euro 5 compliant and offer the best in current vehicle technology.

We have fitted speed limiters to all our vehicles, reducing fuel usage by approximately 4%.

We have vehicle performance targets that meet industry standards (12 MPG for rigid HGVs and 10 MPG for tractors), used to monitor our operational efficiency.