About Us

Tillery Valley provides high quality, nutritious meals to the healthcare, education and local authority sectors across the UK. We are the market leader in healthcare catering, with over 30 years experience solving the sector's complex needs. We understand the pressures public sector caterers face and develop bespoke catering solutions that maintain quality in the face of strict budgets.

Our chilled, frozen and steam fresh plated meals use fresh, seasonal ingredients and are designed by our expert in-house dietitians. They make sure every meal in our vast selection meets the highest nutritional standards, as well as accommodating specialist diets including diabetic, texture modified, ethnic and gluten-free.

We source ingredients from specially chosen local suppliers and either chill or freeze meals at the peak of their freshness, locking in nutrients. Our freezing processes also mean we can offer seasonal produce all year round, keeping menus tasty and varied.

Community Initiatives

At Tillery Valley we pride ourselves on supporting the local community and those who are part of it.

We work closely with the local schools to encourage work experience allowing young people to have the opportunity to see a manufacturing environment and gain an insight in to what we do and the people we serve.  Some of these young people could be our employees of the future so it is vital to build that relationship with the people of Abertillery.

Over the last few years we have encouraged apprentices at Tillery Valley and we now have 3, a finance apprentice, an administration apprentice and a human resource apprentice.  We have also supported apprentices in engineering over the past few years and are looking to grow this scheme going forward.  Our apprentices are enthusiastic individuals who are doing on the job training, NVQ’s and day release to local colleges.  We are giving them every opportunity to develop their careers for the future whilst allowing them to add value and contribute to the organisation.

We worked with the Prince’s Trust in 2012 and launched a “Get Into” programme to help individuals from the local community back into work.  As a result we are looking to redo this in 2015 with a one month programme, where individuals can learn new skills and experience which will enhance their employability skills for the future.

We must also not forget our valued and loyal employees who are employed on a permanent basis with us.  We have many staff that have over 20 years service and are key to the stability of Tillery Valley.  As a result we have offered all our employees the opportunity to complete an NVQ and allow the opportunity to develop and multiskill where possible.

Our people are key to our business and are truly a valuable asset to us.  They take pride in the food they make with consideration of our customers and clients and what they need.